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Earthworks Audio DK50/R

Pricing & Availability

  • MSRP: $5,999

DK50/R Documentation

Earthworks Audio DK50/R

3-Mic Set

The DK50/R is Earthworks’ premium 3-mic set for drum recording. It consists of a matched pair of the company’s top-of-the-line QTC50 High-Definition™ omni condensers for overheads, plus a Cardioid SR30 condenser for kick drum.

The included KickPad is an inline pad and EQ filter for the SR30; it cuts the high output level of the mic, reducing the likelihood of clipping at the preamp. It also applies some equalization, turning the SR30’s relatively flat response into a tailored kick-drum sound.

Also included are three of the company’s LevelPad devices. The LevelPad is an inline attenuation pad, switchable between -15dB and -30dB.

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Included Accessories

Stereo Bar:No
Drum Rim Clamps:None
Case Style:Aluminum Flight Case

Included Microphones

Earthworks QTC50

Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone
Earthworks Audio QTC50Quantity in set:2
Includes hard mounts:Yes
Includes shockmounts:No
Includes foam windscreens:Yes

Earthworks SR30

Cardioid Condenser Microphone
Earthworks Audio SR30Quantity in set:1
Includes hard mount:Yes
Includes shockmount:No
Includes foam windscreen:Yes

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