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  • Crowley and Tripp
    72 Nickerson Road
    Ashland , MA 01721
  • 508-231-4515

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Crowley and Tripp

Founded by ex-Boston Scientific inventors Robert J. Crowley and Hugh A. Tripp in 2004, Soundwave Research Laboratories develops a variety of technologies and products in fields as diverse as medicine and pro audio.

They began making microphones as a “technological on-ramp” into other nanotechnology industries, and along the way developed several innovations in materials science, magnetic field control, and acoustic impedance engineering that may prove to be truly disruptive technologies in the ribbon microphone industry.

The company’s microphones were built with unusually tight tolerances and were designed for a useful life of 50 years. No foams, plastics, rubber or other compounds that are prone to decay were used within the microphones. All metals were plated to resist corrosion.

The Crowley and Tripp line of microphones, including the company’s patented “acoustic nanofilm” ribbon material called Roswellite, was acquired by Shure in early 2009.

Discontinued Crowley and Tripp Microphones