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  • Blackspade Acoustics
    , Founex CH-1297
  • +41 (22) 548 18

Blackspade Acoustics

Blackspade Acoustics is a small microphone manufacturer based in the Geneva basin of Switzerland.

The company’s microphones are built in partnership with AMI/TAB-Funkenwerk, who provide the designs, transformers, amplifier circuits, assembly and testing.

The vision behind Blackspade mics is to focus on the performance and sound quality of the products, instead of attempting to build exact replications or “clones.” By foregoing the cost of what is, in many cases, purely cosmetic improvements, the company hopes to offer the elusive sound qualities of the world’s most proven and sought-after microphone designs at competitive price points.

BSA also has an unusual policy of full transparency regarding the origin of components used in all their microphones: each mic ships with detailed information regarding the origin of components used, backed by a 5 year warranty.

Current Blackspade Acoustics Microphones