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In 2016 Harmon International (now acquired by Samsung), the owners of venerable mic brand AKG, made the decision to close AKG’s Vienna headquarters and move it to the existing Harman “center of competency” in Northridge, California.

As a result, 23 of AKG’s former engineers, product development specialists and senior managers formed a new company to continue the heritage of producing audio products in Austria for professional and consumer use.

Opening in July 2017 and using some of the existing AKG research and development facilities, Austrian Audio has quickly launched the OC818 and OC18 microphones. Each of these two microphones has at its heart the newly-developed CKR12 ceramic capsule, a descendant of the revered CK12 capsule originally installed in C12, ELA M 250/251 and early C414 mics.

Also available from Austrian Audio are a line of professional headphones, 100% manufactured in their facility in Vienna.The company also provides ODM and engineering expertise to other companies looking to bring audio products and technologies to market.

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