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AKG Acoustics C 414 XLS/ST

Pricing & Availability

  • MSRP: $2,899

C 414 XLS/ST Documentation

AKG Acoustics C 414 XLS/ST

Stereo Mic Set with Stereo Bar

The C 414 XLS/ST is an “absolutely perfectly matched” pair of the C 414 XLS multipattern condenser.

The matching process is “computer-aided,” with pairs selected from thousands of candidate microphones. Pairs deviate less than 1dB over the frequency range of 300Hz–8kHz when in Cardioid mode. AKG also selects for sensitivity values within 1dB.

The kit includes a pair of AKG’s H 85 universal shockmounts, an adjustable-width stereo bar (AKG model H 50), a pair of SA 60 mic clips, W414 windscreens, packed into a large-size “Soundtool” padded flightcase.

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Included Accessories

Stereo Bar:Yes
Drum Rim Clamps:None
Case Style:Padded Flightcase

Included Microphones


Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone
AKG Acoustics C 414 XLSQuantity in set:2
Includes hard mounts:Yes
Includes shockmounts:Yes
Includes foam windscreens:Yes

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