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  • 3 Zigma Audio
    4130 SW 117th Ave #442
    Beaverton , OR 97005-4631
  • 503-349-2510

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3 Zigma Audio

3 Zigma Audio is a microphone company formed by ADK founder Larry Villella and two of ADK’s collaborators from ADK’s line of “Au” mics: JP Gerard, ADK’s Lead Designer, and an unnamed aerospace engineer/”rocket scientist” in Australia.

3 Zigma was launched as the home of the new CHI “hybrid” mic system, in which a new head-amp design (in a traditional pencil-microphone form factor) can be paired with multiple interchangeable SDC and LDC capsules. CHI stands for “Capsule Head Integration.”

Larry Villella

The 3 Zigma Modular-Hybrid Mic system is a three-way collaboration between ADK’s Founders, our Belgian Lead-Designer, and our new PhD in Australia. Using the same Pre-Aged 99.999% Pure Gold Diaphragms that are in the ADK Custom Shop mics, but in a Modular-Hybrid Format.

3 Zigma is being run as a separate company from ADK. We share the capsule-works with ADK Custom Shop, Beta and Design-Team. But the board of directors and the distribution model are separate and distinct.

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