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Tony SanFilippo is the owner and chief engineer and producer at Oxide Lounge Recording in Bloomington IL. He’s a lifelong musician, starting with drumsticks and practice pad when he was just 3. He holds a degree in Music from Northern Illinois University and has been making records for fifteen years. His client list includes Kenny Rogers, Backyard Tire Fire, Dan Hubbard and the Humidors, Chicago Farmer and many others.

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AKG D12VR Review

I jumped at the chance to review AKG’s latest dynamic mic, the D12 VR. I own a vintage D12e and I was quite curious about this mic. As many of you know the original D12 capsules are no longer available, so repairing a vintage model isn’t always an option. The new D12VR isn’t the same […]

Posted:Monday, February 10th, 2014
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Shure Beta 181 Review

So, I while back I read about the Shure Beta 181 small diaphragm, modular microphone set. If you’re not aware of this mic, it consists of a small threaded mic body with four different, side address small diaphragm capsules. They can be purchased with numerous capsule combinations. The kind folks here at RecordingHacks kindly facilitated […]

Posted:Thursday, September 27th, 2012
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Aseyer Mic Review: D36B and L36B

So, Matt asked me if I’d be willing to review some microphones from a company called Aseyer. I had never heard of them, but why would that stop me from plugging them in to see how they sound? When the mics arrived they seemed to be made from “off the shelf” bodies. This wasn’t a […]

Posted:Thursday, October 13th, 2011