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Sam Pura has produced, engineered and mixed some of the San Francisco Bay area's biggest pop rock, hard rock, metal and punk bands of the last 8 years. This includes Strata, Heavy Heavy Low Low, Lionheart, The Story So Far, Suffokate, The Limousines and Sabertooth Zombie to name a few. Although widely respected for his abilities as an audio engineer, Sam is first and foremost an experienced touring musician. He started playing guitar when he was 12, and played in local bands in the Bay area. Although Sam studied sound arts formally at Expression's College for Digital Arts, he is primarily self taught. Since his start, Sam worked relentlessly on improving the audio quality of his productions. He spent and continues to spend hundreds of hours each month recording artists. A trademark of Sam is that he pushes the limits of every session to further develop original sounds that help properly identify each artist. Over the years, Sam has consistently worked with quality artists and made some of their more memorable records / songs. He went on to start the webTV show "The Waiting Room TV" and also owns a music collective with Jihad Rabbah of Twelve Gauge Records titled "Family Drugs." Sam does much of his work in his own studio "The Panda Studios" located in Fremont, California.

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Panda Studios Microphone-changing robot

If you’ve ever run back and forth 30 times into the live room to adjust the mic position on the guitar cab, you’ll really appreciate seeing Sam Pura’s microphone robot, “the Intern,” at Panda Studios in Fremont, CA. Read on for Sam’s story of the robot’s genesis. Video by Evan Henkel.

Posted:Tuesday, July 17th, 2012
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