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Stevie Adamek is a studio musician and producer, currently in the two-piece band Solveig and Stevie. He was originally signed by Scepter Records (with the See Band) and then Columbia Records (Bighorn), and has also composed for, and performed with the iconic Seattle band, The Allies, one of the first to have a music video on MTV (Emma Peel).

You can download Solveig and Stevie's EP "Zombie Lover" for free to check out his vocal mixes here:

For more information, see Stevie's website:

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Recording Vocalists

Any recorded track lives or dies on the vocal: how it was recorded, how the emotion was portrayed by the singer and how the vocal sits in the track. Let’s explore how a producer, engineer and/or band can best serve the singer for maximum effect!

Posted:Monday, November 25th, 2013
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