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Tangled in within the virtual and physical wires at Green Robe Recording, you will find the industrious Agent 19.  With over a decade of experience as a  studio recordist/mixer, musician, and professional live audio engineer, Agent 19 has intimate knowledge of the challenges facing the modern independent artist/band in the studio and beyond. His broad appreciation for a myriad of musical styles and genres, and thorough knowledge of recording & mixing techniques are enhanced by a passion for capturing stellar performances from all the artists he works with. Along with his focus on production, Agent 19 also has an enthusiasm for new and vintage microphones and outboard gear, plus an admiration of the medium of computer recording/mixing. He is adept in the use of Pro Tools, Reason, Logic, & Melodyne. He also has a very comprehensive understanding of efficient and creative uses of Ableton Live software, and provides software training in Ableton Live. Agent 19 has a certificate from California Recording Institute, is a member of the Audio Engineering Society, and has multiple album and demo credits for both recording and mixing. You can contact Agent 19 at

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OktavaMod Rode NT1A Review

Agent 19’s review of the OktavaMod Rode NT1-a, as compared to the Blue Baby Bottle and Neumann TLM 103. Hear vocal and acoustic guitar tracks in a blind listening test.

Posted:Wednesday, September 21st, 2011
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