Friday Featuritis: New microphone search option

Friday, February 13th, 2009 | by

The microphone search engine just got a little smarter. If you have strong feelings about the use of transformers in output circuits, now you can limit your search results accordingly.

If this seems esoteric, consider that there are basically four types of condenser microphone circuits: tube or FET amplifiers, with transformer-coupled or transformerless outputs. We just got a step closer to making all of this clear in the database.

The search results page got a new column to indicate the presence of a transformer in the mic’s output circuit. The heading is “Xf;” mouse over it for a tooltip.

We’re missing some data here — lots of mics aren’t fully described by their makers — but we’re backfilling as rapidly as we can. (Hat tip to Andrew at Blue Mics for helping us out on this score!)

We’re on the verge of reworking the specifications block on the mic profile pages soon, too. We have some noise figures (long overdue) and better condenser-capsule data. Stay tuned!

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