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Wednesday, March 19th, 2008 | by

Lots of activity here at recordinghacks world headquarters…

A new feature for the microphone search engine is approaching release. Coming very soon, you’ll be able to save and share search results. Soon after that, we’ll have live search results via RSS, so you can watch new mics flow into your RSS reader.

Personally I’m still neck-deep in Pro Tools. I’m dreaming of transients and crossfades, and when people around me speak I’m seeing waveforms (and, like as not, wishing for a mute button). Too many late nights of editing, I guess.

After each of those late nights, I unwind by reading about microphones. I’m entering the stereo ribbon mics from Royer into the database, and thinking: “I need one of those.” Or, more accurately: “One of each of those.” This happens with every vendor. This happens with every microphone. I’m getting to the point where I’ll need more drum sets to justify all the great drum mics I’ll have.

Hmm, I probably shouldn’t go there.

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