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Wednesday, March 12th, 2008 | by

I recorded four songs over a 3-day weekend last October, in a room I rented from a local guitarist who built a dedicated rehearsal space about 10 minutes from here. I put a pocket camera on a tripod first, and shot pictures over the course of the day.

I’m in most of the photos because I used a 10-second delay on the shutter; having my finger on the shutter would have caused the $3 tripod to wobble during the long exposures.

(What’s up with dimly-lit studio spaces anyway? Just because they can’t have windows doesn’t mean they have to be dark.)

The soundtrack is an excerpt from one of the songs I recorded. Its working title is “Droove.” This song started out as the opening groove to the song “Want,” (click for free MP3) which my old band JAR performed all around San Francisco in the mid-90s. The finished song will be released later this year on Andrew Thomas‘ second CD.

In retrospect, I was wishing I’d taken twice as many exposures. So when I tore down, that’s what I did. Check back in a couple days for the sequel.

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