The Mic Cabinet

Friday, March 7th, 2008 | by

My low-budget collection, from the top: 3 Oktava MK012s (one hypercardioid and a matched pair of cardioids, all modded by OktavaMod), Audix D1, D2, and D4 dynamics, Beyerdynamic 422, Shure SM57, Audio-Technica ATM-31, Beyerdynamic M380, Oktava MK219 (modded by Oktavamod), AT2020, AKG C1000S pair, EV 635a omni pair. In the middle: a matched pair of omni STO-2 from Avenson Audio, and a CM-87 from Dave Thomas.

Not pictured: a Crown PZM and an AKG D-112. The latter is mounted via the May system in my kick drum. The former is taped to a mirror in the bathroom, around the corner from where my drum kit is getting set up.

What’s in your mic cabinet? Upload a picture to Flickr and tag it “mymics,” and I’ll show it on this website.

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